The YS PARK Chignon Clip

It’s holiday season as I sit and write this … which means in a normal world (pre or post COVID) our schedules would be full of events that demand perfectly coiffed hair. To many of my girls, that means they’re looking for an updo!

And there is nothing worse than seeing a line or, worse, lines of indentation in hair that is being prepped for an updo or chignon.

I remember doing a wedding once where my bride requested an updo; we washed, did the blow-out, and I curled her so that I could begin to build my foundation to start styling her hair up. I grabbed a few clips and went to work – not putting much thought into it – and let’s just say I spent more time trying to get the creases that the clips created out of her perfectly prepped hair than I did putting her hair into an updo.

I never wanted to experience that again – so I searched for a different type of clip.

Enter the Y.S. Park Chignon Clip, a must have in any stylists’ kit.

You never really know where your talent or curiosity may take you. It may be on set doing editorials, fashion shows, or movies. Or you may find yourself helping someone create the most memorable moment of their life on their wedding day. Or perhaps, you’re like me, and you spend most of your time working with the most dense, luscious, and longest of locks.

Here’s the thing: quality is important when it comes to compiling your tool kits. So, you want to make sure that what you have, always has purpose.

The  Y.S. Park chignon clip is designed with that in mind. It assists with creating flawless up-styles and for working with the densest of hair. The clasp of the clip doesn’t have any grooves or teeth and it’s super smooth. This won’t leave any crease lines in the hair which are frustrating, visually unpleasing, and extremely time-consuming to conceal. 

As you become more experienced – you find yourself wanting the ability to move through your craft with ease. The fact that the clip is the length of a finger and is curved to mimic the shape of a head, allows optimal functionality and efficiency.

But perhaps my favorite part is that the clip is made out of anodized aluminum which allows the clip to not only look stunning, but even more importantly it makes it both durable and resistant to corrosion.

As hairdressers it’s important that we show up 100% for every single client – they are always counting on us to help them put their best look forward. This means investing in ourselves. The easiest way to do so is by investing in our kits, allowing us the privilege to focus solely on delivering healthy and sexy hair.