Quality Tools for Quality Hair

Roger Mudd | Published February 15, 2021

As a hairdresser that has been in the industry for a little over 15 years, working with all hair types, it’s important that I have a company that I trust to get my tools from. That’s Passion Beauty.

Their tools are universal, working on everything from the finest hair to textured and coarse curls. Above all they give me the freedom to do what I love most – provide a quality experience for all of my clients when they’re in my chair.

My girls aren’t just trusting me with their hair – they’re trusting me with the time they have reserved exclusively for themselves and they’re trusting me with the insecurities of their hair and style. When I am able to share with them only the best products and tools, it allows me to place the health of their hair at the center of this experience. Everything I do is to create healthy and sexy hair for all my clients.

So when I make a purchase for my salon and for my girls, I only search for quality. I search for Passion Beauty. One of my favorite brands at Passion Beauty is Y.S. Park. Their tools are made to last and they’re made for hairdressers who work with all hair types. That type of intentional inclusion and knowledge of all hair types makes them a permanent staple in my salon. Passion Beauty gets my philosophy and supports it by providing discounts in pricing for licensed stylists and beauty school students, making my coveted Y.S. Park products affordable.

But as you know people are at the heart of my work and I always find that same energy at Passion Beauty. One of the main reasons why I prefer to get all of my beauty tools from Passion Beauty is their customer service. It’s unparalleled! They provide fast shipping, they’re super responsive, but what I appreciate the most is how you are always treated as part of the Passion Beauty family – providing me with the same experience that I like to gift to my girls.