It’s the Teeth for Me

Roger Mudd | Published February 15, 2021

I learned, a long time ago, that a good comb is a hairdresser‘s best friend.

Hairdressers, no matter what you do, whatever your specialty may be, you will always need to have a good comb at your disposal. My advice to you? Invest in ones that will last.

Like most, I started out using those basic plastic rat-tail and hard-rubber styling/cutting combs. They would always break, the teeth would chip or fall out, and all of them would eventually melt from the heat over time. 

In fact when I was working at one of the most prestigious salons on Fifth Avenue in New York City when a representative came in one day to discuss combs, brushes, clips, and shears. He asked us what we used and why. Eagerly, I stood up and before I could get a word out he looked down at my tools and said, “you are using that in a place like this?” I wanted to roll up into a pin curl and cry!

Then, I was introduced to a YS Park carbon cutting comb. When that representative placed that carbon comb into the palm of my hands, as I ran my fingers over the structure, it felt like the combs’ body just melted into my hand.

Ten years later, I still have that same exact comb.

When it comes down to cutting the length and frame on long hair the salt carbon, 8.7 inch precise cutting comb is always my go to.

With the comb being 8.7 inches, it mirrors the length of my shears and allows me to cut a precise straight line around the perimeter in seconds. As for the frame, the face framing layers, I can swiftly cut my guide.

For me, personally, it’s not one I would use to cut within the interior as between my large hands and a long comb it can be a bit much to control. However, I always use this comb to crosscheck my sections. The comb has edges that can sit flat on the head’s curved surface. Mind blowing! It also has tiny markers on its spine that assist in length measurements. That’s a gamechanger!

The comb also has these little air bubbles along it’s dimpled spine that gives it flexibility and one comfortable and truly organic grip. It’s heat resistant, so if you forget your comb on the tray and sit a flat or curling iron on top — YOUR COMB WONT MELT.

Oh, did I mention that it’s also aesthetically pleasing? It will always stand out in your kit! That matters!

So throw your plastic combs in the recycling bin and comb invest in some YS Park carbon ones! Your clients will love you for it and you will thank yourself ten years from now when you’re still rocking your favorite tool, the 8.7 inch soft carbon precise cutting comb from YS Park.