The Last Drop

Roger Mudd | Published February 15, 2021

Alright, tell me I’m not alone. There is NOTHING more frustrating than a spray bottle that doesn’t work! I get so tired of having to shake and maneuver a bottle just to get the water out – or worse having my hands hurt because of the shape of a bottle.

This matters, especially when moving quickly with a client.

Wait! Perhaps the most frustrating thing as both a hair stylist and a business owner is having to go through so many bottles because all of them are so poorly made. Ugh!

Luckily for me, and now you, I found the YS Park sprayer and I’m here to convert you.

Where to start, here’s three words: chic, ergonomic, and efficient!

The YS Park sprayer comes in six colors, it’s made of vinyl chloride (a high-impact resistant material), and it’s ergonomically designed. That curve you see in the design allows the bottle to balance and hang from any flat surface – with minimal effort.

But perhaps my favorite feature is found in the bottle. There’s a little tin weight that sits on the end of the bottle’s water tube – allowing you a full spray, from any angle, right down to the last drop!

Hello! Can your current water bottle do that?

I’ve fallen so in love with this bottle, that I bought three! I use one for haircutting which is to say I use it only for water. I use another for styling which is normally a mixture of water and a leave-in conditioner and lastly, I use one for my hair treatments only!

Pro-tip: Tin, remember that’s what the weight at the end of the bottle is made of, actually purifies water, removes poisons from the hair, and absorbs impurities!

For me a good product to add to my kit is one that is chic, functional, and one that immediately allows you to forget a time before you had it in your arsenal. I know when I’m using YS Park my results will always be healthy and sexy hair and honestly, isn’t that what’s all about?