1. Y.S. Park combs are made with ultem resin, which is highly heat resistant and won’t melt in the high heat environments of today’s flat irons and blow dryers.
  2. This resin is also chemical resistant to accommodate the variety of chemical treatments offered in today’s salon.
  3. The trademarked design of each comb is 100% made in Japan from CNC tooled molds for precision, resulting in a seamless teeth to avoid hair damage.
  4. Y.S. Park combs are designed to be an extension of the fingers, which flex to allow adequate tension without yanking on the hair.
  5. The flocked texture and scalloped holes of each comb results in an organic feel, resulting in the tool becoming an extension to the hand.
  6. Each of the scalloped holes is spaced ¼ of an inch to also serve as a guide to the user and client when talking about section length.  Avoid ambiguity and communicate better with your client!
  7. Click on the product maps below to find out what models and colors are available.